You want to go to The Same Scene

As an unapologetic fan of Michael Bay, I’ve already seen Transformers 3 twice — and will probably go another 1-2 times.  After all, nothing’s cooler than seeing your own city blown-up by alien robots.

And here’s a neat little ditty: when we all went to see it at the Navy Pier IMAX (in one of the very buildings, by the way, that’s seen smoldering in a movie featuring a big attack by alien robots), there was a scene on a highway where I honestly thought “Man, this reminds me of Michael Bay’s other movie The Island.”  I wasn’t sure if it was the music, or the oft-repeated “huge industrial things fly off of the flatbed in perfect harmony!” bit.  Then I found this:

YouTube Preview Image

Basically, there’s a small scene in Transformers 3 featuring the exact same footage from The Island, another totally kick ass Michael Bay movie.  I’ve been reading some blogs and such railing on Michael Bay for reusing footage.  But you know what…who cares? When a movie costs nearly $200m to make, and features huge alien robot attacks and skydivers literally flying through buildings in the city where I live, I’m gonna forgive a few seconds of reused footage.  I’ll also gladly sit through blatant car commercials, adverts for of-the-moment new bands, and even clever casting to make us think we’re watching a snippet from a Coen Brothers flick.

Truth in advertising is a rarity — and it’s nice to see a TV advert for a movie with big explosions and alien robots and then pay for that movie and get exactly what you expected to get.

Actually, I would have paid $20 to see Transformers 3, because I’d like to help ensure a Transformers 4.

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