The Story Circle and You.

When you sit down to talk with the team from Marshall Creative, one of the concepts we’re going to introduce to you is the use of the story circle as a tool to inform your brand and your business model. At first, you might think this is a little weird. You might think: Stories are things you tell kids to get them to sleep or that you tell people at your high school reunion to make them feel regret for going with somebody else to junior prom. How does that apply to my business?

We’re glad that Hypothetical Version of You has asked.

First of all, it’s important to understand why it’s called a story circle. The nutshell version follows a “hero” on his or her path through the story like so:

  1. The hero feels comfortable.
  2. The hero wants something they do not have.
  3. To get it, the hero enters a new, unfamiliar situation.
  4. The hero learns how to handle the unfamiliar situation.
  5. The hero gets what they wanted…
  6. …and pays a price for it.
  7. The hero returns to their familiar surroundings.
  8. The hero has been changed.
  9. The hero feels comfortable.

Now consider that every potential client or customer goes through a version of this process when they first discover your business, try your product or service, and are then (hopefully) converted into a regular. When somebody decides that they want something new, they not only have to figure out what they want, they have to figure out how they feel about the new product or service they have received.

We believe in putting forth our client’s brands and systems as a type of storytelling because people are hard-wired to be excited by stories, especially when they are made to feel like the hero. The story circle has been in play for thousands of years–even before the first storytellers understood the individual parts of it–because it works beautifully to engage an audience…and an engaged audience will remember you and your work even when you’re not directly in front of them.

Every business has a story to tell. We specialize in helping you tell it.

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