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Reign of Terraforming.

The office has been all abuzz since the recent CNN Space Blog story about the European Southern Observatory’s work seeking out new planets. The Observatory’s research has recently found more than 50 planets beyond our solar system, including 16 that are classified as “super-Earths” (meaning they are as large or larger than our own home) and one that just might be able to sustain life. Scientists claim to have identified over 500 extra-solar planets in total.

Although it may take another few lifetimes for humanity to develop the technology that gets us to Kobol a second planet (not to mention the maturity to be more responsible stewards of that planet’s environment), we’re pumped about the idea that this pale blue dot of ours might not be the first and last home for humankind throughout the universe.

We also expect that at least one of the other super-Earths will be a Starbucks, and that one will be reserved specifically for the descendants of James Cameron and George Lucas, so that they may carry out genetic experiments designed to create actual Na’vi and Wookiees.

(But no Gungans. Surely Lucas’ offspring will know better.)

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