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While we’ve got a lot of capabilities in online marketing, another thing we do for our clients is a print marketing campaign here and there – especially when the target audience is still looking at and responding to postcards and flyers rather than blogs and tweets.

In the case of Allied Health Professionals, a Chicago-based jobs resource for occupational, physical and speech language therapists, their target audience is inundated with recruitment mail on a daily basis.  Rather than do the standard “smiling therapist with patient in a happy setting” stock photo approach (which any therapist will tell you is not exactly how those sessions go down), Allied chose us for this campaign for our ability to take the complex lifestyle problems of their freelance therapists and infuse the stress of their lives with a bit of humor and empathy.  And we also helped Allied articulate exactly what it is that separates them from their competition – as a local company that is therapist-run, they really get their clients in a way that national therapist jobs sites really can’t.

One thing we’ve learned during the process collaborating with Allied Health is just how challenging the work / life balance is for therapists.  So next time you meet someone who does a lot of OT, PT, and SLP…  give ‘em a high five for us.

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