PERL Podcast 46 / 2009 In Review

PERL_iTunes_300pxPERL President Ken Perlmutter joined me for the 2nd annual year in review on the PERL Mortgage Podcast. Over the past year, the mortgage industry has gone through an ocean’s worth of sea changes from tighter lending guidelines to new government-sponsored homeowner tax breaks to a pretty solid image crisis. Ken’s an innovative business owner, and he knows how to adjust his company to changes in market conditions while staying true to core values. With a new decade around the corner, we’re seeing a number of big and small business owners (some of whom are clients) work to not only “save” current business, but to quickly shore-up resources and mindshare to prepare for a new landscape of business trends and expectations. 2010 will be a year in which more people go back to banks and bigger independent lenders, not because they’re better, but because people tend to trust vaults and multiple offices and big annual volume. I think the name of the game will be reputation, trust, and bedside manners. So often, people get busy in the financial business and forget to pay attention people and to answer questions and to know that the general population doesn’t need to swim in Jargon River. Education always wins in the end. For more ep’s of the podcast, visit the PERL archives.PERL Podcast 46 / 2009 In Review


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