Our (Current Attempt at Creating a) Corporate Mascot

So it occurred to us that we lack an adorable corporate mascot.

You know the kind. The expressive dog or the talking cat or the animated chickens and fish that seem perfectly oblivious to what their company does to chickens and fish.

Since the office currently lacks in dogs, cats, chickens, and fish, we decided to try branding our Printer/Fax Machine, a Brother model MFC-9840CDW that we’re going to affectionately refer to as “Faxxie”!

Isn’t it precious?

As part of the forthcoming media blitz to make everybody in America fall in love with our little piece of temperamental office machinery, here’s a scene from the as-yet unshot pilot The Further Adventures of Faxxie.


Pa’s Farm. TIMMY is playing with a stick and a barrel hoop. Suddenly, in the next room, he hears a cry of alarm! He runs to the next room to find FAXXIE.

FAXXIE: Beep beep! Beep beep!

TIMMY: What is it, Faxxie? Did Aunt Abigail fall down the stairs?

FAXXIE: Beep beep! Beep beep!

TIMMY: Is mean old Mister Sylvester coming back for the rent?

FAXXIE: Beep beep! Beep beep!

TIMMY: Are you out of paper?

FAXXIE: Beep beep!

TIMMY puts paper in FAXXIE’s paper tray and closes the tray. FAXXIE stops beeping.

TIMMY: Oh, Faxxie! You’re the best combination printer and fax machine a boy could ever have!


TIMMY: Oh! And color scanner, too!

TIMMY laughs and gives FAXXIE a hug.


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