Our Aesthetics.

The staffers at Marshall Creative are many things, and one of the most important roles we play for our clients is “storyteller.” We know that every business has a story to tell as well as a product or service to sell, and we also know that properly expressing the former is one of the best ways to accomplish the latter.

A big part of our story is the development of the ideas that have become the foundation of how we approach all of our projects. We’ve experimented with several systems, programs, formats, and services to figure out which ones will work best for our clients and our own purposes, and then we utilize them often and in myriad ways. In artistic terms, these represent our aesthetics.

Every Thursday on this blog we’re going to talk to you a bit about the tools and designs that have helped us grow Marshall Creative from its humble beginnings into a trusted web design, marketing, and branding company. We’ll explain why we chose certain platforms over others, talk about what we believe makes good copy and e-marketing, and other topics…and if you have a specific question, feel free to ask.

As storytellers, we enjoy conversation, so we’re doing what we can to start new ones and continue the best ones. Stay tuned!


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