Northern-to-Southern Lights.

Space-related thing we’re grooving on today: this week’s unusual sighting of the aurora borealis (or, “northern lights”) visible as far south as Arkansas. Scientists tell us that a massive solar storm, combined with the Earth’s natural magnetic field, is the cause of the unusual southern stretch. We tend to believe things that scientists tell us, what with all of their crisp white lab coats and confident tones and metallic machines that make funny noise.

There’s an off-chance you might be able to see the last of this rare phenomenon if you look up tonight, so don’t miss it if you have the chance. But if you don’t get to see it live, there are a number of amazing slideshows available online. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Randy Halverson – DakotaLapse

SpaceWeather – Aurora Gallery

If you’re reading this post in Alaska or Northern Canada, feel free to yawn smugly and say “Seen it.”

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