First-Person Perspective.

We’re often asked: “Hey, Marshall Creative…what’s with all the space-related stuff?”

That’s a lie. Nobody asks us that. If they did, however, they’d be within their rights. We talk a lot about space for a company that is–for the moment–firmly earthbound.

Is it enough to say that we think space and the act of going to space and doing things in space is simply, universally cool? Like ninjas and dinosaurs? Or dinosaur ninjas in space? (As opposed to ninja turtles from space, which is an idiotic idea, Michael Bay, curse your eyes.)

Are you sure that’s not enough? Perhaps you have not recently seen what it looks like to be launched into space from the perspective of being attached to the outside of the ship. See below. Marni’s sister, a real-life Rocket Scientist, sent it to us. NASA made it. Are you going to argue with NASA about what is and is not cool? We didn’t think so.

See? Cool. Space. Space is cool.

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