Escape Velocity.

Today we’d like to salute the brand innovation of indescribable-tasting energy drink and vodka companion Red Bull, which not only managed to overcome the early traumatizing of their eventual client base by the antagonist of The Last Unicorn, but is now currently undergoing the next logical stage in their “It gives you wings” campaign by launching privately-funded missions to the very edge of our atmosphere and then dropping people to Earth from that height.

Red Bull Stratos describes itself as a scientific mission to see if a man in freefall–pilot Felix Baumgartner, by name–is able to break the sound barrier (presumably with the force of his body, not with the sound of him shrieking during the freefall). There are also other bits of scientific data that Red Bull expects they may discover, and they’re keeping careful track of their experiment’s progress on their project blog. Publicity stunt or no, we at Marshall Creative find this a very exciting endeavor, giving as it does a glimpse of the continuing possibility that we will all one day live further and further away from this beloved (if oft-mistreated) blue marble we currently call home.

We also think that the image of a man falling to Earth is crafty, subtle tie-in to the return of Mad Men.

Well played, Red Bull. Well played.

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