One of the goals of these stock photo bits is to puncture the inflated ideals of “corporate culture,” all stiff shirts and machine-like efficiency. We far prefer people who can make their business seem less like work and more like the Cool Project You Do Because It’s Cool.

So we’re pretty big fans of the Richard Branson style. Starting a mega-sized business empire with a tiny record label in your garage is the very definition of “scrappy,” even moreso when you’re the one willing to take a chance on a chaotic yet vital band like The Sex Pistols.

Branson has a reputation as a business maverick, but also as a general maverick maverick, what with his attempts to break world records by adventuring across the world in boats and putting real time and effort into producing viable commercial space flight. He’s also a noted humanitarian and frequent guest star on popular television shows. We think he’d make a fascinating subject for either an ongoing cable television series or a feature-length summer blockbuster.

Sir Richard? Call us. We’ll do lunch.

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