By now, you’re probably either preparing to receive your Thanksgiving guests or getting ready to be a Thanksgiving guest. Same here!

The team at Marshall Creative all have some unusual items appearing on their dinner table this year…either long-standing traditions or brand-new food experiments:


Wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is loaded with chlorophyll and tons of vitamins and antioxidants. Having a glass of wheatgrass is a great start to anyone’s day, and a great addition to Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to the many benefits of wheatgrass, the holidays always get a little bit happier.

Celeriac root. Which is a real thing, apparently going into squash gratin. It’s just the root of celery, but it sounds cool.

Meat. More meat than you can possibly imagine. Mine will be a Serbian-influenced Thanksgiving, and thus will involve more meat than your Thanksgiving, and probably more than the Thanksgiving of anyone else you know.

Nick and Marni
Star anise. We had to buy three packets of whole star anise (anises?) yesterday for two different recipes.

My wife’s family traditionally prepares a potato-based Lithuanian dish called kugelis, but instead of bacon, they use soy bacon. Or, if you will, “Facon.” So it’s Kugelis and Facon, which sounds like a songwriting team from the former East Germany.


We wish you safe travels, a fine meal, a long nap, and that your favorite football team wins its game this weekend!

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