Da Baumgartner.

In case you didn’t hear about it, a man broke the sound barrier this past weekend simply through the force of gravity on his body. Felix Baumgartner free-fell his way into the world record books by jumping from a balloon 24 miles above the surface of the Earth, landing safely in New Mexico nearly two minutes after he began his rapid descent.

We have been waiting for this moment since last March, and we’re excited for what it means regarding the future of space travel, since this historic enterprise was the work of Red Bull Energy Drink, rather than NASA or another country’s NASA equivalent. We’re glad that private enterprise is picking up the baton of finding new ways to break the boundaries of human limit, even if all they’re doing is a publicity stunt. Being sold to is a small price to pay for seeing something amazing like what the planet looks like as you’re hurtling towards it at supersonic speed.

Now, here’s a short poem to Felix Baumgartner.

A man named Felix fell to Earth

Who knows how much his ‘chute is worth?


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