Cool Thing We Found: Organ Trail

This is not something for you to do at work. You should be working while you are at work. Even if you are working from home and nobody is around to see you not doing work we cannot endorse neglecting your work to spend the rest of the afternoon playing this Cool Thing We Found. Even if you’re not able to make it into work today, because it’s Friday the 13th, and your path to the office is blocked by a wall of mirrors on one side, by the Regional Black Cat Sanctuary on another, and a block of theaters all of whom are performing marathon sessions of The Scottish Play on another; even then you should not indulge in the nostalgic, brain-snacking fun of Organ Trail.

Lovingly crafted by a game design collective called “The Men Who Wear Many Hats,” Organ Trail is a parody of the classic Apple IIe game Oregon Trail, which cast the player as the head of a family of American settlers embarking out west to build a new life despite the hazards of starvation, cholera, and Indian attacks. In Organ Trail, you’re still heading west, but that’s because there’s been a zombie apocalypse and utter collapse of society, and you’re attempting to escape the fallout with your ragtag group of survivors.

Hunt for food! Stock up on gas and spare parts! Kill members of your own party when they become infected with the curse of the undead!

Just don’t do it at work, okay? Wait until you get home.

And you’re alone.

And it’s dark in the house.


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