Cool Thing We Found: Chameleon Mercedes.

We’re not in the habit of posting advertising on this blog, even if the commercial is especially clever…but it’s never been a hard-and-fast rule, and if it were we’d absolutely have to break it to show you this.

Mercedes-Benz has been promoting its new zero-emissions F-Cell model in Germany by hiding the car behind a sheet of digital camouflage (to symbolize how it is “invisible to the environment”). Using a sheet of LEDs and a high-end camera, the engineers managed to create a car that, from one side, is as visible as the Predator from those movies about the Predators. (The movies were called Predator.)

For now, this is just a publicity stunt, but we’re figuratively (and maybe a little literally) salivating over the other practical applications of this technology. For example, the next time the cover of the new Crain’s Chicago Business has a photo of somebody we don’t particularly care for, why, we’ll just cover up that issue with a sheet of LEDs and poof! It’s like it never existed.

Also, we can put the LEDs in front of our office door to confuse the forces of evil.

Check it out:

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