Case Study Outtakes: Celery (Blog Content + Short Films)

In our ongoing series of Case Studies of work we half-completed, I was reminded of some work we began for Celery. Through a kind referral, Celery contacted us through the main email on our website, and — thinking of the breadth of possibilities of marketing a client like Celery — we readily set a client meeting and were off to the races, setting up pre-brainstorm meetings and capabilities presentations.

When Celery arrived, through, it was less than exciting. Celery didn’t actually arrive, it was delivered, thanks to Ron the PeaPod guy. We brought Celery into our conference room, began making a spirited pitch about a series of comedic short films (“No more than 2 minutes!  Think ADD!”) and writing original content for a new Celery blog (“We’ll incorporate your voice!”).  No response.  In fact, because Celery is actually an inanimate water-based vegetable, it JUST SAT THERE.

We continued with our pitch for about 10 minutes. Nothing. Finally, Marni finally suggested that we throw in the towel and take Celery into the kitchen, chop it up, and eat it with some peanut butter.

Writing this, you might think this is some sneaky allegory about the client work that we do, but it’s not.  We were really hoping to help brand Celery, but Celery just wasn’t having it.

It did, however, taste really watery and very yummy.

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