Bon Voyager 1.

Well, it certainly took you long enough.

Exciting news from NASA this week: Voyager 1 is very, very close to breaking out of the bounds of our solar system and crossing into places far beyond the light of our Sun. The spacecraft was launched in 1977 and has been trucking along at close to 36,000 miles per hour without having to stop for snacks or restroom breaks. Right now it is about 11 billion miles away from the sun, putting it 2 billion miles ahead of its twin Voyager 2, which was launched 16 days later.

It’s carrying inside its cabin an LP containing images and sound from Earth, in the hopes that hipster aliens who still believe that vinyl is the apex of recording technology will discover it, learn more about us, and consider making peaceful first contact instead of invading.

Congratulations, you speedy traveler. Best of luck in the realms beyond our own.

Read the official NASA press release here.

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