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Case study outtakes: Thor (Brand management)

Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate for our ongoing base of loyal clients and referrals — and when we were writing this new site, we found ourselves debating which case studies of previous work to highlight.  Accordingly, we thought we’d share some of the case studies that didn’t make … CONTINUE READING /

Guess what’s broken and win an iTunes gift card

Today, Dan was riding his bike to work and was doored by somebody in a parked car, which caused him to bounce off the Hertz rental truck traveling in the lane of traffic to his left. Sucks, but we’re happy he survived.

Which part of Dan, and which part of his … CONTINUE READING /



Let the Wookie win

Hey hey!  Thanks to our good friend James Alsup, action figure and shoe collector extraordinaire, who sent us this amazing office-warming gift: a replica of the space chess set from Star Wars. Like the jelly of the month club in Christmas Vacation, this will be the gift that keeps on giving … CONTINUE READING /


This is our COO Nick Keenan, building desks on a Wednesday. Why? Because that’s how he rolls.… CONTINUE READING /

How much can I afford? The Merchandise Mart!

One of the nice things about being a former loan officer in the mortgage business is that I still remember basic mortgage calculations and in this day and age of the fax machines and air phones, sure, we can figure out mortgage payments through online calculators.  But where’s the fun in … CONTINUE READING /

li:hover {background: url(‘images/current_page_item.png’) 50% 20px no-repeat transparent} ???

Nick Keenan and Dan Granata create ridiculous, convoluted whiteboard charts to explore the finer points of web programming.… CONTINUE READING /

Nick Keenan interviewed at the Chicago Artists Resource

Our COO, Nick Keenan, was recently interviewed on the Chicago Artists Resource blog and talked a bit about the process of balancing the look of a website with a company’s workflow – a tricky balance that is at the core of all our discussions with web clients.  It’s true that many … CONTINUE READING /

Who wouldn?t offer free WiFi?

The idea of businesses charging for wireless internet connections is absurd, and I’m actually inclined to posit that the world community of internet service providers should offer WiFi for free — or at least by clicking on a banner ad. Given: I haven’t read the most recent issue of “Wired” and … CONTINUE READING /

Printing On, Printing On, Broken Glass

I usually get annoyed when people on Facebook post photos of their most recently-damaged “thing” of the moment, like a car or bike, only because there’s not really anything anyone can do about it but “Like” the post or comment “Hey, that sucks.” But after receiving this printer in the mail … CONTINUE READING /