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Thanks to our Veterans


Why Cowboys and Aliens is sure to be awesome

Full disclosure: I haven’t yet seen “Cowboys and Aliens,” but I intend to this weekend. I’m a huge fan of big Hollywood movies that cost over $100 million (my brother John has a great opinion on this — if Hollywood is going to dump $100 million on the big screen, let’s … CONTINUE READING /

Cool Thing We Found: Pendulum Waves

We’re not physicists, so we don’t fully grasp the math of how this works. What we are is creative types who know how to spot a Cool Thing Being Cool.


Please don’t try to explain this to us. Sometimes it’s best to let the behavior of Cool Things, like pendulum … CONTINUE READING /

Thanks for joining us!

If you were able to join us last night at McCormick & Schmick’s for our first of many Happy Hours, then, hey — thanks! The non-networking networking event for Chicago’s “overconnected” (Please Network Responsibly) featured our good friend and special guest, Chicago Alderman Mr. Burt Natarus. He was joined by our … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: Celery (Blog Content + Short Films)

In our ongoing series of Case Studies of work we half-completed, I was reminded of some work we began for Celery. Through a kind referral, Celery contacted us through the main email on our website, and — thinking of the breadth of possibilities of marketing a client like Celery — we … CONTINUE READING /

Happy Birthday, Moon Landers!


Cool Thing We Found: This Steadicam Shot.

If you’ve often wondered–and who hasn’t?–why it is that the musicians of Belarus are so awesome…it’s because they’re helped immensely by the skills of professional Steadicam operators. Check out this totally addicting forty-three seconds of video, which delves into the work of those unsung heroes of eastern-bloc rock.… CONTINUE READING /

You want to go to The Same Scene

As an unapologetic fan of Michael Bay, I’ve already seen Transformers 3 twice — and will probably go another 1-2 times.  After all, nothing’s cooler than seeing your own city blown-up by alien robots.

And here’s a neat little ditty: when we all went to see it at the Navy Pier … CONTINUE READING /

Win Free Money, courtesy of Comcast

Short version: I called Comcast and am now getting 3 months of movie channels for free.

Long version: The other day, Brad was telling me about a recent experience he had with Comcast — he was calling to cancel his account with them, and they ended up giving him … CONTINUE READING /

Happy 4th of July everyone!