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Toil and Trouble.

And with the money he made doing that, he produced his own soap opera. Thank you, we’ll be here all week.… CONTINUE READING /


Interestingly enough, this is also how most big-budget Hollywood movies begin.… CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: The Toaster (Portfolio Website)

The Problem: In the past decade, the rise of the celebrity chef has fostered a renewed understanding of food preparation as a type of art. We were approached by an extraordinary household toaster that wished to capture some of the lightning from this zeitgeist by displaying some of its most notable … CONTINUE READING /

Business in the Front…

Now you know what happened to Lorenzo Lamas after Renegade ended.… CONTINUE READING /

Over The Top.

All business is a gamble, but remember to keep your perspective.… CONTINUE READING /

Case Studies That Never Existed: Shadowy Criminal Mastermind (Strategy Consultation)

The Problem: According to the trio of bumbling henchmen who approached us, the client was looking for an objective third party who could assess and offer suggestions to improve an upcoming campaign that he–or she–referred to only as “P.Y.T.H.O.N.” We had been chosen, the voice-altered recording told us, because after … CONTINUE READING /


In a struggling economy, every business makes tough choices.… CONTINUE READING /

The Story Circle and You.

When you sit down to talk with the team from Marshall Creative, one of the concepts we’re going to introduce to you is the use of the story circle as a tool to inform your brand and your business model. At first, you might think this is a little weird. You … CONTINUE READING /

Temps by Skynet.

But before they rise up and destroy us all, you should see how efficient they are with the filing and data entry.… CONTINUE READING /

The Thousand Things That Are Killing You.

We know this came out in 2010, but we didn’t have a full appreciation of its genius back then — follow this link to see the online video for international pop sensation Robyn’s song “Don’t F***ing Tell Me What To Do,” a trippy and 3D-capable experience that is written entirely in … CONTINUE READING /