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Case Study Outtakes: Prince Charming (Customer Relations Management)

The Problem: It’s difficult to be an archetypal character, appearing in several different stories–even when that character happens to be the embodiment of noble heroism. As one of the more popular stock characters in children’s fiction, Prince Charming found himself with a lot of work across several different media, including film, … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: The Mona Lisa (Rebranding & Design)

The Problem: Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece portrait was experiencing an itch to try something new. The painting was aware that in the digital age, stagnancy is a precursor to obsolescence, and decided that after over 500 years it was worth considering a reinvention that better caught the eye of the modern … CONTINUE READING /


This year, Marshall Creative is spending Halloween dressed as The Invisible Office. You know it’s there because it’s doing things! But where? Why can it not be seen? What will it do next?

Here are some other last-minute costume ideas based on the scariest things we can imagine from our … CONTINUE READING /

Da Baumgartner.

In case you didn’t hear about it, a man broke the sound barrier this past weekend simply through the force of gravity on his body. Felix Baumgartner free-fell his way into the world record books by jumping from a balloon 24 miles above the surface of the Earth, landing safely in … CONTINUE READING /

Launch: Inspired By Music

We’re especially excited to announce today’s new Internet landmark, the Marshall Creative-produced website Inspired By Music. As a group of creative types, we’re always intrigued when various artistic disciplines collide and collaborate, and the work that comes out of the communication between them. It’s part of the backbone of our … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: The Wishing Well (E-Commerce)

Let us be clear: We did not take a meeting with a wishing well. That would be preposterous, grounds to view us as loony and unserious creative professionals.

No, we took a meeting with the ancient gnome that tended the wishing well.

If you’ve ever used a wishing well, either out … CONTINUE READING /

Where We’re Working (Giant Beehive Edition)

As we continue to redefine what it means to have a “workspace,” our team of Marshall Creative Location Scouts will continue exploring alternative spaces for us to spend time focused on our multiple projects. If it has four walls and a door, we could just as easily have found it ourselves…we … CONTINUE READING /

You Just Do It Or You Die.

We can barely contain ourselves how cool this is.

It’s pretty well recognized in the marketing and branding industry that Nike has managed to achieve landmark success in the field, turning a simple curved line into an internationally recognized symbol for athletics.

Meanwhile, in the world of fantasy literature, George R. … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: A Can of Red Paint (Competitive Branding)

This one’s a little embarrassing.

We can’t simply sit around and wait for potential clients to march through our door. We also have to do some of our own hustling and find clients through our networks, research, or random encounters in line at Starbucks.

This is the story of late-night shenanigans … CONTINUE READING /

Where We’re Working (Active Volcano Edition)

Working from anywhere means exactly what it says…we can work from anywhere. As Marshall Creative continues to explore the limitless possibilities of our new status as a distributed company, we’ll be carefully examining the potential of different work spaces throughout the world–places we can go away from our homes when we … CONTINUE READING /