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A blog a day for 2011: can it be done?

Not sure — but we’re gonna go for it. In the meantime, please enjoy this photo taken from Rocket Garden a few weeks ago at Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida during a short layover while I was directing a cruise ship show for The Second City. Favorite part about Rocket … CONTINUE READING /

Thank you to our Veterans.


Wish me luck with this one

So I decided to venture into the wild…beyond retracing the original route of Lewis and Clark or breaching the depths of the Antarctic…instead of those death-defying adventures, I decided to try-out Comcast’s home installation do it yourself kit. Being very familiar with Comcast and how they operate as a corporation, I’m … CONTINUE READING /

Our website, circa the Dancing Baby

Thanks to Nick for finding-out exactly what our site would look like, circa whenever autoplaying music and Comic Sans were both acceptable and popular. Obviously, I’m a huge fan of the dancing baby and obnoxious yellow, but the biggest selling point is the keyboard instrumental of the Counting Crows. Keep … CONTINUE READING / named “Best Individual Website”

Congrats to Akos Straub and our friends at The Straub Group for winning “Best Individual Website” at the 2010 Agents’ Choice Awards! Akos and company were present among the best and brightest in the Chicago real estate industry, where 15 other categories were announced. Being the company that created the site, … CONTINUE READING /

I wonder if real estate awards shows have live orchestras that play after the winning speeches

Congratulations to our friends at The Straub Group for being nominated for Best Individual Real Estate Website in the City by Chicago Agent Magazine. We’re proud to have delivered the site, and we can confirm a few things about Akos and the Straub Group: 1.) They are a ton of … CONTINUE READING /

According to Google Analytics, this was our biggest blog post ever

Kinda interesting that this quick post about blame in the corporate world is always at the top of our analytics reports. In fact, one of the main search words that leads people to the Marshall Creative website is “tennis racket.” Hopefully future searches for “Google Analytics” and “Biggest Blog Post Ever” … CONTINUE READING /

Stock Photo Watch: Come on, LinkedIn, you can drop some cash on a better masthead than this


Stock Photo Watch: Check it out, our favorite stock photo guy is also on the toner we use


Now Online / Know Your Chicago

Jim Miller is a real estate agent at Jameson Real Estate, and he just launched Know Your Chicago featuring a ton of content. Check it out. I’ve known Jim and have worked with him on a number of marketing endeavors over the past few years, and can say without question … CONTINUE READING /