When You Have a Story to Tell

When people look at what we do as a company, I get this sense that we don’t fit into the box of what they expect. I get a lot of questions: “So do you build websites? What kind of industries do you specialize in? I need SEO help, is that something you do? You provide brand development? Design? Wait, you also consult on CRMs?”

In those moments, I try to boil everything we can do down to the core: I am storyteller first and a web guy second. And sure, the ensemble at Marshall Creative are all strategists and specialists – designers, programmers, copywriters. But the reason they’re great at what they do is that they’re all storytellers who know how to keep that story clear and engaging as they do what they do.

A great communications strategy is built not on the tools, but the story you tell with them.  A great story isn’t photocopied from what everyone else is supposed to be doing in your industry – it’s a unique point of view that you and your whole team can get behind.  At its core, that story is refreshingly simple: It’s a story you tell everyone, all the time, in a million different ways. It’s the story of the value of what you do as a company. It’s a story that is compelling, exciting, concise, and easy to repeat.

When you have a single story that everyone in your company believes in everyday they go to work, it’s much, much easier to make great first impressions and present a united face for the company with a minimum of effort.

When you present your message as a story, you discover yourself telling it with simplicity and confidence.

And when that message is simple, powerful, and memorable, it gives your clients the opportunity to care about your story. It gives them permission to pass your story on to others.

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