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Who are you talking to?

Bilal, as many of you may know, is a master of many forms of the written word. A longtime member (and current co-Artistic Director) of the quicksilver Neo-Futurists, he has written over 100 plays and performance pieces. But he’s also written everything from short fiction to poetic meditations on the CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: Prince Charming (Customer Relations Management)

The Problem: It’s difficult to be an archetypal character, appearing in several different stories–even when that character happens to be the embodiment of noble heroism. As one of the more popular stock characters in children’s fiction, Prince Charming found himself with a lot of work across several different media, including film, … CONTINUE READING /

When You Have a Story to Tell

When people look at what we do as a company, I get this sense that we don’t fit into the box of what they expect. I get a lot of questions: “So do you build websites? What kind of industries do you specialize in? I need SEO help, is that something … CONTINUE READING /

Tech Week

This is a very short horror story.

You’re at the final point of your Big Project. You’re exhausted. You tell yourself you don’t even care anymore, and you might even believe it.

Except you’re also spending hours obsessing over the end result, or cursing decisions that were made months ago that … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: The Toaster (Portfolio Website)

The Problem: In the past decade, the rise of the celebrity chef has fostered a renewed understanding of food preparation as a type of art. We were approached by an extraordinary household toaster that wished to capture some of the lightning from this zeitgeist by displaying some of its most notable … CONTINUE READING /

Case Studies That Never Existed: Shadowy Criminal Mastermind (Strategy Consultation)

The Problem: According to the trio of bumbling henchmen who approached us, the client was looking for an objective third party who could assess and offer suggestions to improve an upcoming campaign that he–or she–referred to only as “P.Y.T.H.O.N.” We had been chosen, the voice-altered recording told us, because after … CONTINUE READING /

The Power of Performers

I tell people that we’re an agency powered by theatre and comedy pros. It raises eyebrows at first. But it’s not long before they realize that many of the people they know in marketing also have a performing arts background.

Performing arts teaches you how to listen, engage, and … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: Elves (Messaging and Branding)

It would have been quite a portfolio builder, to be sure. Marshall Creative has done work for many different types of businesses and arts organizations but we’ve never helped manage branding for an entire race of mythical beings. When the opportunity arose to help renew the brand of the Elves, we … CONTINUE READING /

Where We’re Working (Inbox Edition)

Once we thought of it, it made a remarkable amount of sense: if we could digitize ourselves and upload our consciousnesses directly onto the net, then we could actually work inside our own email inboxes.

As our ever-intrepid location scouting team discovered, however, there are some notable advantages and disadvantages to … CONTINUE READING /


We hope you have a happy holiday weekend at your home. Or your relative’s home. Or anyplace that’s not work.

(All of you retail stores opening on Thursday night, we’ve got some harsh words for you.)… CONTINUE READING /