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Case study outtakes: Thor (Brand management)

Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate for our ongoing base of loyal clients and referrals — and when we were writing this new site, we found ourselves debating which case studies of previous work to highlight.  Accordingly, we thought we’d share some of the case studies that didn’t make … CONTINUE READING /

What WordPress 3.1 means for our clients

A pretty spectacular update came out in the form of WordPress 3.1 yesterday (codename “Reinhardt” as in Django, one of my favorite french Jazz guitarists. Also good in that category is Sanseverino).

One of our favorite features in the new release is the ever-present administration dashboard that pops up when you’re … CONTINUE READING /

Welcome, Australia! (sans proper WP spellchecking)

Looking at a recent analytics report for this website, I noticed that we had 2 new unique visitors from the country of Australia! So, on behalf of Marshall Creative, welcome Australia! We’re usually relegated to analytic maps featuring greener featured areas in the US and Canada and sometimes India. I’d genuinely … CONTINUE READING /

After you learn to fish, feed the fish.

When I first got an account on Facebook about a year and a half ago, it was during a time when a lot of my friends were getting on Facebook.  It was back in the day when Vampire Bites and Mafia Wars were still somewhat new and not wholly annoying.  My … CONTINUE READING /

Now Online / CallRuss.com!

Over the past month, we’ve been cranking out a lot of logos, WordPress templates and websites including CallRuss.com. Call Russ is the moniker for Russ Martin, a mortgage consultant with PERL Mortgage and prolific blogger and television commentator. Russ runs PERL’s office on Grand avenue, right above Maggiano’s (visit Russ … CONTINUE READING /