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Of course, if you thought your head was falling off, you’d probably be stressed about it too.… CONTINUE READING /

Step One.

The first rule of the Internet is that it lies to you.

That sentence was posted on the Internet.

Your mind is blown.… CONTINUE READING /

A Different Angle.

Part of being a good manager is knowing how to prioritize your projects. Pro Tip: The structural integrity of your workplace is secondary to nothing except for maybe making sure the coffee machine is operational.… CONTINUE READING /

Vintage Model.

It’s a little bit like finding that one office where they only use No. 3 pencils.… CONTINUE READING /

Practice Makes Perfect But Blows Deadlines.

This is one of those stock photo bits that makes absolutely no sense to medical students. Boom! Doctors-have-bad-handwriting-jokes!



After two weeks of political conventions, everything looks like an excuse to poke fun at government.… CONTINUE READING /

The LOL Report.

Starting this Friday, we’ve decided to start taking our stockbits into their next logical format: Facebook Timeline Cover Photos.

(This is, in fact, the next logical step. If you brought this situation to an MIT math professor who used to be a janitor from south Boston, he would tell you that … CONTINUE READING /


One of the goals of these stock photo bits is to puncture the inflated ideals of “corporate culture,” all stiff shirts and machine-like efficiency. We far prefer people who can make their business seem less like work and more like the Cool Project You Do Because It’s Cool.

So we’re pretty … CONTINUE READING /