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Bon Voyager 1.

Well, it certainly took you long enough.

Exciting news from NASA this week: Voyager 1 is very, very close to breaking out of the bounds of our solar system and crossing into places far beyond the light of our Sun. The spacecraft was launched in 1977 and has been trucking along … CONTINUE READING /

Da Baumgartner.

In case you didn’t hear about it, a man broke the sound barrier this past weekend simply through the force of gravity on his body. Felix Baumgartner free-fell his way into the world record books by jumping from a balloon 24 miles above the surface of the Earth, landing safely in … CONTINUE READING /

Escape Velocity.

Today we’d like to salute the brand innovation of indescribable-tasting energy drink and vodka companion Red Bull, which not only managed to overcome the early traumatizing of their eventual client base by the antagonist of The Last Unicorn, but is now currently undergoing the next logical stage in their “It CONTINUE READING /


If you have experienced nothing that amazes you today, then understand this: there is a portable, automated science lab hurtling towards Mars right now.

The new Mars rover Curiosity left Earth three days ago, and presuming it lands according to plan, it will begin to roam the surface of Mars in … CONTINUE READING /

Northern-to-Southern Lights.

Space-related thing we’re grooving on today: this week’s unusual sighting of the aurora borealis (or, “northern lights”) visible as far south as Arkansas. Scientists tell us that a massive solar storm, combined with the Earth’s natural magnetic field, is the cause of the unusual southern stretch. We tend to believe things … CONTINUE READING /

Blue Milk and Moisture Farms.

We’re not professional astronomers ourselves, so we couldn’t tell you why there seems to be a sudden bonanza of brand-new planets being discovered beyond our solar system. But guess what? They just found another one…and this one’s extra-special, as it’s what is called a “circumbinary planet,” meaning that it manages to … CONTINUE READING /

Reign of Terraforming.

The office has been all abuzz since the recent CNN Space Blog story about the European Southern Observatory’s work seeking out new planets. The Observatory’s research has recently found more than 50 planets beyond our solar system, including 16 that are classified as “super-Earths” (meaning they are as large or … CONTINUE READING /


We’re big fans of space and its travelers. (Perhaps you noticed that.) Welcome back, Atlantis crew…not the last people to venture into space, just the last people for now.… CONTINUE READING /

Happy Birthday, Moon Landers!


A blog a day for 2011: can it be done?

Not sure — but we’re gonna go for it. In the meantime, please enjoy this photo taken from Rocket Garden a few weeks ago at Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida during a short layover while I was directing a cruise ship show for The Second City. Favorite part about Rocket … CONTINUE READING /