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Making Meetings

I’ll admit it, I’m not a big fan of regular meetings. I generally think they’re 1.) not that productive, 2.) don’t really lead to actionable items to get more things done, and 3.) likely to become a void for weird energy rife with confusion and a lack of direction. Not to … CONTINUE READING /

For better neighborhood living, only keep the quarters

I’m a big fan of getting to know my local “guy” down the street. There’s the Subway guy, the Cleaners guy and — believe it or not — even the guy at the local Chase branch on Lawrence. I like to frequent the same places of business as often as possible … CONTINUE READING /

Who will be on your Board of Directors?

I’ve been a part of the board selection process for a few nonprofit organizations over the past 10 or so years, and after having several conversations with some friends about board development in Chicago’s artistic community. If you’re thinking of starting a company (or already have one) — and if you’re thinking of board development in any way (not just in the arts community) — you might want to consider this.

What will you call your company?

This was our first logo, designed in October 2006 by the very talented Dave Cenko.  When you start a company, it’s very easy to spend weeks thinking of the perfect company name that will just blow everyone away and perfectly reflect your product or thing and be awesome for your … CONTINUE READING /

Will you start a company?

For those of you who aren’t skiers, the image to the left is the “double black diamond” — a designation ski resorts display for trails labeled “experts only.” We need to create a similar set of naming conventions, from easy to super impossible, to describe the ways in which you can … CONTINUE READING /