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How much can I afford? The Merchandise Mart!

One of the nice things about being a former loan officer in the mortgage business is that I still remember basic mortgage calculations and in this day and age of the fax machines and air phones, sure, we can figure out mortgage payments through online calculators.  But where’s the fun in … CONTINUE READING /

I wonder if real estate awards shows have live orchestras that play after the winning speeches

Congratulations to our friends at The Straub Group for being nominated for Best Individual Real Estate Website in the City by Chicago Agent Magazine. We’re proud to have delivered the site, and we can confirm a few things about Akos and the Straub Group: 1.) They are a ton of … CONTINUE READING /

Danderson / Vlamis, Part 6

Last week we shot yet another Dean video, this time centering around the fact that Dean hired a consultant (played by MC friend Niki Lindgren).  We shoot these in PERL Mortgage’s main office on Belmont, but now we’re thinking of doing a few in other locations and the big debate is … CONTINUE READING /

Now Online / StraubHomes.com!

A couple of months ago, Akos Straub, a real estate agent at Jameson Real Estate, gave us a call about a rebranding for his new company The Straub Group, LLC. The site’s officially launched and we wish Akos and Ilona and the rest of our friends at The Straub Group … CONTINUE READING /

Do the Vikings have the safest safety?

We’re always glad to read the Forbes annual list of safest cities, especially at a time (as the local evening news would say) “…when crime is reaching the front doors of our very own homes.” And even though Minneapolis / St. Paul gets top billing (not surprisingly: being a former … CONTINUE READING /

PERL Podcast 42 / Deducing the Deduction

Marc Heller is a partner at Warady & Davis, LLP and he’s become the resident tax expert for the PERL Mortgage Podcast, my regular series of interviews with professionals in the Chicago real estate community. On this episode, Marc explains different types of tax deductions one can make once one owns … CONTINUE READING /