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The Long Countdown.

Many of our clients know that we had an End of the World Desk Calendar in our old office. Bilal took it home when the office moved to a fully remote setup, and he’s been studiously marking the time until today.

If you were curious, the photo above is what the … CONTINUE READING /

Vintage Model.

It’s a little bit like finding that one office where they only use No. 3 pencils.… CONTINUE READING /

Five Questions with… The Bathroom Keys

Every one of our clients needs something different–one person needs a comprehensive e-commerce system, one needs a script for an internal video, another needs a complete overhaul of their website and branding. But one thing that almost all of our clients ask for when they come to our office is to … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: King Midas (Content Management)

It’s rare that we take meetings with royalty, but that’s not because we aren’t interested. Every rank of noble is welcome to discuss their branding and web design needs, be they Earl, Archduke, or Viscount. Kings and Queens, of course, would be given extra-special attention.

Even cursed ones like Midas, who … CONTINUE READING /

Faster Than a Speeding Sewing Machine.

Although we’ve all been known to dress a little more formally to meet clients, around this office you’re likely to find us in a clean t-shirt and jeans–the sort of relaxed attire that helps one put the “Creative” in “Marshall Creative.” Also, when we need to shed our secret identities and … CONTINUE READING /

Five Questions with…The Tangle of Cords in Our Tech Closet

Today we introduce you to one of the not only unsung, but unseen heroes of the Marshall Creative office–the tangle of cords in our tech closet, where we keep all variety of network and computer-related gadgets. Part functional array of electricity and data delivery and part multicolored abstract art project, the … CONTINUE READING /

Black Cats and Broken Mirrors.

It’s yet another Friday the 13th, and as ours is an office staffed entirely with theatre professionals, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that we have some superstitions. Obviously, we’re not fond of saying the title of “The Scottish Play,” but there are also a few that are exclusive to us … CONTINUE READING /

Down Time.

At the completely stereotypical corporate office of Busy Work & Company & Associates, Inc. the employees are expected to be on the clock and focused from the hour the office opens until the hour it closes. Time spent posing for stock photos will come out of your pay.… CONTINUE READING /

Cool Thing We Found: Trash Track

We talk a lot about storytelling techniques here in the office. Every project we take on has several layers of “story” – who the client is, where they want to go, and what’s standing in they’re way; or who we are, what we’re excited about, and how we get there. What … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: Narnia (Postcards)

When businesses switch locations, one of the many things they need to be mindful of is the continuity of their customer base. One way of making sure that your valued clientele know where to find you is to mail them a simple postcard to tell them that you’ve moved. Marshall Creative … CONTINUE READING /