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Bon Voyager 1.

Well, it certainly took you long enough.

Exciting news from NASA this week: Voyager 1 is very, very close to breaking out of the bounds of our solar system and crossing into places far beyond the light of our Sun. The spacecraft was launched in 1977 and has been trucking along … CONTINUE READING /

First-Person Perspective.

We’re often asked: “Hey, Marshall Creative…what’s with all the space-related stuff?”

That’s a lie. Nobody asks us that. If they did, however, they’d be within their rights. We talk a lot about space for a company that is–for the moment–firmly earthbound.

Is it enough to say that we think space and … CONTINUE READING /

NASA Pic of the Day

Happy Friday. And if your day isn’t happy yet, check out the photo of the day from NASA. We know, we know. More space. But we can’t help it – and I dare you to not think space is cool.

The truth is, space is cool. Enjoy!… CONTINUE READING /

You Are Not Really Here.

The above image is probably well-known to you from many places, including the college dorm room of every freshman science student everywhere in the world with the exception of those who considered themselves artists first and instead hung up a print of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss.

We wondered, however, about … CONTINUE READING /

Greetings from Earth

I’ve been on a kick recently to see if there’s a uniform greeting that the people of Earth have really created and disseminated to all parts of the galaxy. Luckily, there is. After lots of searching for things like “Hello from Earth” and “Greetings Aliens” and finding an endless stream of … CONTINUE READING /