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Interestingly enough, this is also how most big-budget Hollywood movies begin.… CONTINUE READING /


One of the goals of these stock photo bits is to puncture the inflated ideals of “corporate culture,” all stiff shirts and machine-like efficiency. We far prefer people who can make their business seem less like work and more like the Cool Project You Do Because It’s Cool.

So we’re pretty … CONTINUE READING /


For the younger members of the stock photo audience, this man is holding a “boom box,” which is the ancestor of the iPod. It played music using compact discs, which are similar to Blu-Ray DVDs, except for music. DVDs are what people use if they don’t stream their movies. Movies are … CONTINUE READING /

Stark Enterprise.

You may have heard by now that this year’s first bona fide blockbuster, The Avengers, broke all sorts of box office records and did so with no small amount of critical accolade. (Some of us in the office saw the film, and we agree with all of this.)

In celebration … CONTINUE READING /

Trailer Park.

Just in case you haven’t already seen these a hundred times already, we would be absolutely delinquent in our duties as giddy fanboys if we didn’t point you in the direction of both the newly-dropped trailers for The Dark Knight Rises (June 2012) and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (December 2012).… CONTINUE READING /

Which is the Real “REAL STEEL”?

This past summer, when Transformers: Dark of the Moon came out, the staff were all agog with breathless anticipation…in fact, it was the onus for one of our first company outings. (Your company does picnics and miniature golf. Ours goes to watch Optimus Prime and Megatron smash up downtown Chicago for … CONTINUE READING /

Heart Strings: Plucked.

The billboard is bigger than life and it looms over our kitchen window…the film Dolphin Tale, inspired by the incredible true story of “Winter,” is coming out on September 23rd.

I tried really hard to be cynical and snarky about this, because it’s such an obvious play for your emotions from … CONTINUE READING /