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First-Person Perspective.

We’re often asked: “Hey, Marshall Creative…what’s with all the space-related stuff?”

That’s a lie. Nobody asks us that. If they did, however, they’d be within their rights. We talk a lot about space for a company that is–for the moment–firmly earthbound.

Is it enough to say that we think space and … CONTINUE READING /

You want to go to The Same Scene

As an unapologetic fan of Michael Bay, I’ve already seen Transformers 3 twice — and will probably go another 1-2 times.  After all, nothing’s cooler than seeing your own city blown-up by alien robots.

And here’s a neat little ditty: when we all went to see it at the Navy Pier … CONTINUE READING /

Sounds like NASA will skip 2012′s opening weekend

Now that NASA’s working to refute claims that the world will end on 2012, I have to wonder if they’ll ask employees to skip 2012‘s big opening weekend. I don’t really expect the world to end in 2012 and I don’t really expect Planet X, aka “Nibiru,” to collide with … CONTINUE READING /

New program: Cash for Robots

Yesterday, this article in the WSJ reported that the the seasonally adjusted annual rate of the gross domestic product (which is the basic measure of a country’s economic performance and is the market value of goods and services in that country) is up 3.5% in the United States. This means that … CONTINUE READING /