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The Thousand Things That Are Killing You.

We know this came out in 2010, but we didn’t have a full appreciation of its genius back then — follow this link to see the online video for international pop sensation Robyn’s song “Don’t F***ing Tell Me What To Do,” a trippy and 3D-capable experience that is written entirely in … CONTINUE READING /

Verily, thy stock photo art most cleverly caption’d.

Today is the 448th birthday of William Shakespeare, (or Shekesper, or Shaxberd, or any other academic permutation of his name), the Bard of Avon, considered the greatest dramatist of at least his own era if not every era before or since. As has become a modern tradition, Chicago declared today to … CONTINUE READING /

Case study outtakes: Thor (Brand management)

Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate for our ongoing base of loyal clients and referrals — and when we were writing this new site, we found ourselves debating which case studies of previous work to highlight.  Accordingly, we thought we’d share some of the case studies that didn’t make … CONTINUE READING /

Now Online / SandyMarshall.com

Have you ever heard the saying that the shoemaker’s children don’t ever get new shoes? Well in honor of Sandy’s part in the new movie The Dilemma – which opens this Friday – we thought it was time that he got the Marshall Creative treatment.

The site features a sweet ski-themed … CONTINUE READING /

Words, words, words.

We talk a lot with our clients about the storytelling that happens through their branding, their logo, their website, and their social media (and what not). The fact is, you can think of all that as marketing, or you can think of it as a story and have a bit more … CONTINUE READING /

Cirque du Slip

Marshall Creative programmer Nick Keenan has a post today about a recent gaffe over at Cirque du Soleil and their marketing for “Banana Shpeel,” the new show opening in Chicago on November 19th. It’s a new take on Vaudeville, cool cool cool, but apparently they’ve been hiring firms (in India) to … CONTINUE READING /