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Who are you talking to?

Bilal, as many of you may know, is a master of many forms of the written word. A longtime member (and current co-Artistic Director) of the quicksilver Neo-Futurists, he has written over 100 plays and performance pieces. But he’s also written everything from short fiction to poetic meditations on the CONTINUE READING /

The Story Circle and You.

When you sit down to talk with the team from Marshall Creative, one of the concepts we’re going to introduce to you is the use of the story circle as a tool to inform your brand and your business model. At first, you might think this is a little weird. You … CONTINUE READING /

Our Aesthetics.

The staffers at Marshall Creative are many things, and one of the most important roles we play for our clients is “storyteller.” We know that every business has a story to tell as well as a product or service to sell, and we also know that properly expressing the former is … CONTINUE READING /

Remote Possibilities.

Ed. Note: We’ve been waiting on this announcement for a few days now, until we’d made sure all of our clients knew. After nearly two years as a “typical” office with a “space you commute to every morning” and “a bathroom that requires a key” attached to a “knicknack of some CONTINUE READING /

Faster Than a Speeding Sewing Machine.

Although we’ve all been known to dress a little more formally to meet clients, around this office you’re likely to find us in a clean t-shirt and jeans–the sort of relaxed attire that helps one put the “Creative” in “Marshall Creative.” Also, when we need to shed our secret identities and … CONTINUE READING /

The Chicagoland Conversation with Sandy Marshall.

Below is a recent article from the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce’s Chicagoland Conversation series, featuring an in-depth session with our intrepid leader and namesake. Enjoy!

The Chicagoland Conversation with Sandy Marshall, CEO of Marshall Creative

  by Dan Gershenson


If you think you’ve seen Sandy Marshall somewhere before, you’re probably right. Besides


Sandy and Brad spent the weekend in Minneapolis for an exciting project we can’t tell you about because we like the way it makes you more intrigued in what it might have been. They were due to come back to Chicago on separate flights, but heavy storms throughout the Midwest threw … CONTINUE READING /

Local Heroes.

Amazingly, this month’s evocative contest stock photo is not getting quite as many entries as one might expect!

This could mean a couple different things:

1) Y’all are slacking.

2) You have so many good ideas and you don’t know what to send that it’s paralyzing you from sending any captions … CONTINUE READING /

Websites For the Cruelty-Conscious Consumer.

We understand.

Yes, you want a website, but you’ve heard all these horror stories about how some of these websites are made. Long hours in difficult conditions, lip service paid to safety concerns, general mistreatment. What’s a socially conscious Internet entrepreneur to do?

At Marshall Creative, we’re proud to say that … CONTINUE READING /


There isn’t a horn in the office. We should get one. That way, we’d have our own to toot when the situation called for it.

This would be one of those situations.

Below is a screenshot of Chicago Condo Group‘s brand-new website, built by Marshall Creative and launched into the CONTINUE READING /