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When You Have a Story to Tell

When people look at what we do as a company, I get this sense that we don’t fit into the box of what they expect. I get a lot of questions: “So do you build websites? What kind of industries do you specialize in? I need SEO help, is that something … CONTINUE READING /

Our Aesthetics.

The staffers at Marshall Creative are many things, and one of the most important roles we play for our clients is “storyteller.” We know that every business has a story to tell as well as a product or service to sell, and we also know that properly expressing the former is … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: Society of Personalized Allocated Messages (Newsletters and E-Blasts)

Although we consider ourselves a generally optimistic group of people, willing to look for the most positive aspects of any business brand or strategy, sometimes we have to admit that there are lost causes.

That’s what happened when we took a Skype meeting with a representative from the Society of Personalized CONTINUE READING /

You Just Do It Or You Die.

We can barely contain ourselves how cool this is.

It’s pretty well recognized in the marketing and branding industry that Nike has managed to achieve landmark success in the field, turning a simple curved line into an internationally recognized symbol for athletics.

Meanwhile, in the world of fantasy literature, George R. … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: Narnia (Postcards)

When businesses switch locations, one of the many things they need to be mindful of is the continuity of their customer base. One way of making sure that your valued clientele know where to find you is to mail them a simple postcard to tell them that you’ve moved. Marshall Creative … CONTINUE READING /

Side Projects.

We don’t publicize it very much…but one of the keys to our creative, collaborative working environment and process is that every member of our regular staff spends their time away from the office working in the performing arts. We are actors, writers, designers, production managers, directors, and improvisers, based primarily within … CONTINUE READING /

Which is the Real “REAL STEEL”?

This past summer, when Transformers: Dark of the Moon came out, the staff were all agog with breathless anticipation…in fact, it was the onus for one of our first company outings. (Your company does picnics and miniature golf. Ours goes to watch Optimus Prime and Megatron smash up downtown Chicago for … CONTINUE READING /

Look familiar?

Thanks to Steve Delahoyde for the link to this fantastic compilation on Fair Trade Photographer of a series of companies and advertisements from around the world using the same stock photo. You might know that we have a blast with these stock photos and they’re becoming the cornerstone of our ongoing … CONTINUE READING /