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Buffett v. Paulson

Great background audio for 20 minutes — an interesting interview yesterday via CNBC via the Greater Omaha Chamber. Warren Buffett walks with Henry Paulson about our economy over the past few years, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and how some of the massive fiscal decisions are made.… CONTINUE READING /

Danderson / Vlamis, Part 6

Last week we shot yet another Dean video, this time centering around the fact that Dean hired a consultant (played by MC friend Niki Lindgren).  We shoot these in PERL Mortgage’s main office on Belmont, but now we’re thinking of doing a few in other locations and the big debate is … CONTINUE READING /

Produce a big movie for just one buck

Yesterday Joel mentioned the existence of an awesome opportunity to invest in a big Hollywood movie by joining nearly 12,000 people from 70 countries to produce the 1-Second Film, an endeavor to produce a film that’s a mere 24 frames long with nearly an hour (so-far) of credits. Profits go … CONTINUE READING /

What if there was a Price Pfister, Wisconsin?

I remember the Price Pfister ads from back in the day mostly from their clever textual tagline: The Pfancy Pfaucet with the Pfunny Name. Price Pfister probably owes some tad of it’s success to Kohler, which (as you’ve guessed by now) has a town named after it in Wisconsin. Not only … CONTINUE READING /

My local cleaners: the new REI?

The other night I was picking-up the dry cleaning and a guy in front of me had a problem with a scarf that wasn’t cleaned properly. Long to story short, the conversation devolved into the guy telling Jay, the owner, that he didn’t want it re-cleaned. He wanted the full purchase … CONTINUE READING /

City of Big Stressballs

Well, they did it this time. Forbes Magazine went ahead and named Chicago the nation’s most stressful city. They cite “7.3% unemployment” and “high gas prices” and “pollution problems (No. 7 in terms poor air quality)” and “lack of breathing room (it’s No. 2 in terms of population density).” Huh. Even … CONTINUE READING /

PERL Podcast 43 / Closing the Deal

On this edition of the PERL Mortgage Podcast, I sat down with Tom Killoren, the Senior Account Executive at Chicago Title. We talked about the closing process and the role of title companies in closings. Chicago Title is a longtime Chicago institution — and closings themselves are an odd thing. You’re … CONTINUE READING /

Economic Indicators: Light Starch

Lately I’ve been interested in how we report and view economic indicators like Housing Starts and Jobs Reports and The Dow Jones Industrial Average. But last night I learned about an even bigger economic indicator: the dry cleaners down the street. I’ve been going there for nearly ten years now, and … CONTINUE READING /

Would you buy a ski resort?

California’s Mt. Waterman is for sale for a mere $1.65 million and though that sounds like a lot of money, it seems like a pretty good deal for an area with 27 trails and 3 double chairlifts. Inc magazine has a nice rundown of the pros and cons of the bid. … CONTINUE READING /

Your paper isn’t due until April 30, 2010

Well the tallies are in and both the House and Senate voted to extend the first time homebuyer tax credit through June 2010 — so long as buyers sign a contract by the end of April. This is a huge development in the national real estate market — practically everyone in … CONTINUE READING /