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Side Projects.

We don’t publicize it very much…but one of the keys to our creative, collaborative working environment and process is that every member of our regular staff spends their time away from the office working in the performing arts. We are actors, writers, designers, production managers, directors, and improvisers, based primarily within … CONTINUE READING /

Of Which You Were Not Previously Aware!

If you’ve worked with us before or spent any time exploring our website, you already know that Marshall Creative is “a creative firm specializing in online branding and creative content generation and short films.”

But here are a handful of things you might not know about Marshall Creative. We … CONTINUE READING /

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Nick Keenan and Dan Granata create ridiculous, convoluted whiteboard charts to explore the finer points of web programming.… CONTINUE READING /

Meet Dan Granata, new MC blogger!

New for mid-2010! We’re proud to welcome Dan Granata, MC web programmer, as a regular blogger for our company site. Dan’s the man behind the scenes for some of our larger web-based projects, and is the Managing and Marketing Director at the side project, and a regular actor about town. … CONTINUE READING /