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Cool Thing We Found: Chameleon Mercedes.

We’re not in the habit of posting advertising on this blog, even if the commercial is especially clever…but it’s never been a hard-and-fast rule, and if it were we’d absolutely have to break it to show you this.

Mercedes-Benz has been promoting its new zero-emissions F-Cell model in Germany by hiding … CONTINUE READING /

Cool Thing We Found: Organ Trail

This is not something for you to do at work. You should be working while you are at work. Even if you are working from home and nobody is around to see you not doing work we cannot endorse neglecting your work to spend the rest of the afternoon playing this … CONTINUE READING /

Cool Thing We Found: Hollywood Actors Making Evil Faces

We’ve got to give it up for the New York Times – last week they released this amazing, magnetic video gallery of attractive actors pretending (at least, we hope they’re pretending) to be vicious, insane, even outright demonic. Some of them are inspired by classic roles (see Glenn Close’s unhinged Norma … CONTINUE READING /

Cool Thing We Found: The Great Chinese State Circus Presents “Swan Lake”

If you’re the sort of person who thinks ballet is fine and all but you wish it incorporated a greater degree of risk and contortionism, then look no further than the Great Chinese State Circus, who in 2008 presented this unique take on Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece, Swan Lake.


Cool Thing We Found: Draw a Stickman

Today’s five-minute distraction comes to you courtesy of the fine folks at Kentucky’s Hitcents — it’s an interactive adventure that you draw with your mouse.

Draw a Stickman is exactly what it sounds like–you draw a stick-man and then help him get through a series of small obstacles by drawing what … CONTINUE READING /

Cool Thing We Found: Dancing Stormtrooper (Wellington, NZ)

Our graphic designer, Steven Lyons, leaves us this week for what we all hope is a brighter future.

While searching for an amusing send-off element for this farewell post, I ran across the below video, which was filmed in 2008 in Steven’s native New Zealand.



And it seemed only … CONTINUE READING /

Cool Thing We Found: Silent Star Wars

This doesn’t require too much introduction, but if you’re one of the people who has never seen the original Star Wars trilogy and doesn’t know about the big plot twist at the climax of The Empire Strikes Back…which is only a twist if you’ve never seen the prequel trilogy…then the … CONTINUE READING /

Cool Thing We Found: Tempest Milky Way

In the spirit of the amazing space photography we shared with you last week, here’s another visually impressive feat of image capture. Photographer and videographer Randy Halverson is a native of central South Dakota, about as Great Plains-y as you can get in the Great Plains States. Over the course of … CONTINUE READING /

Cool Thing We Found: Pendulum Waves

We’re not physicists, so we don’t fully grasp the math of how this works. What we are is creative types who know how to spot a Cool Thing Being Cool.


Please don’t try to explain this to us. Sometimes it’s best to let the behavior of Cool Things, like pendulum … CONTINUE READING /

Cool Thing We Found: This Steadicam Shot.

If you’ve often wondered–and who hasn’t?–why it is that the musicians of Belarus are so awesome…it’s because they’re helped immensely by the skills of professional Steadicam operators. Check out this totally addicting forty-three seconds of video, which delves into the work of those unsung heroes of eastern-bloc rock.… CONTINUE READING /