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Case Study Outtakes: The Mona Lisa (Rebranding & Design)

The Problem: Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece portrait was experiencing an itch to try something new. The painting was aware that in the digital age, stagnancy is a precursor to obsolescence, and decided that after over 500 years it was worth considering a reinvention that better caught the eye of the modern … CONTINUE READING /

The Story Circle and You.

When you sit down to talk with the team from Marshall Creative, one of the concepts we’re going to introduce to you is the use of the story circle as a tool to inform your brand and your business model. At first, you might think this is a little weird. You … CONTINUE READING /

The Walkthrough.

One of these days, we expect to get around to completing our expansive and engaging, classic-text-adventure computer game for Marshall Creative. Here’s a walkthrough preview of the first level…

You are standing in the main room of a creative branding firm. Sunlight streams in through the windows. There are desks with CONTINUE READING /

Not So Much Showstopper.

We’re increasing the pressure on your caption-writing this month…we’ll post the new stock photo tomorrow for your consideration, and remind you that February is the shortest of months (even with this year’s extra leap-day). So maybe you should take a little time away from the Sudoku or crossword puzzle you normally … CONTINUE READING /