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Case Studies That Never Existed: Shadowy Criminal Mastermind (Strategy Consultation)

The Problem: According to the trio of bumbling henchmen who approached us, the client was looking for an objective third party who could assess and offer suggestions to improve an upcoming campaign that he–or she–referred to only as “P.Y.T.H.O.N.” We had been chosen, the voice-altered recording told us, because after … CONTINUE READING /

Case Studies That Never Existed: Pinocchio (Content Management)

The Problem: Carlo Collodi’s famous wooden boy was suffering from a major credibility crisis in his brand, brought on by his most unfortunate character flaw–specifically, Pinocchio couldn’t stop himself from lying, which meant he had dozens of different stories to keep straight. Complicating the problem was a feature of his magically … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: Celery (Blog Content + Short Films)

In our ongoing series of Case Studies of work we half-completed, I was reminded of some work we began for Celery. Through a kind referral, Celery contacted us through the main email on our website, and — thinking of the breadth of possibilities of marketing a client like Celery — we … CONTINUE READING /