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Time Zones.

Welcome to a brand new year!

If “2013″ looks more like a hotel room than a calendar year to you, consider this: It’s the first time since 1987 that the year has not included at least two identical numbers. Let that blow your mind for a bit, and then further consider … CONTINUE READING /

The Long Countdown.

Many of our clients know that we had an End of the World Desk Calendar in our old office. Bilal took it home when the office moved to a fully remote setup, and he’s been studiously marking the time until today.

If you were curious, the photo above is what the … CONTINUE READING /

Where We’re Working (Thunderdome Edition)

We know that we’re currently living in a pre-post-apocalyptic world, but according to our End of Days desk calendar, there’s only 49 days left until the Mayans destroy us all. So in preparation, this month we asked our Workspace Location Scouts to give us the pros and cons of working in … CONTINUE READING /

This Post is Geeky Even for Us.

One of our regular hobbies around the office is to mock our character-a-day Star Wars calendar, which occasionally cheats by showing us three different versions of Obi-Wan Kenobi or features a character not even the geekiest among us could recall noticing in the movie in which they’re supposed to have appeared.… CONTINUE READING /