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Business in the Front…

Now you know what happened to Lorenzo Lamas after Renegade ended.… CONTINUE READING /

Survival of the Fittest.

Maybe there was a time when the giant lizards had the most successful enterprises. But there’s a reason the mammals ended up taking control of the Earth, and it’s not just because we figured out how to microwave our food.… CONTINUE READING /

Business Casual.

We’re not sure what kind of work Jenkins does but he seems to be very, very satisfied with how it’s going. We’re willing to bet that when he applies for his next job, he’s going to include this photo with his resume.

And we’ll bet that it helps land him that … CONTINUE READING /

Marsh-LOL Creative.

We look to innovate whenever and wherever we can, not just in the projects we do but how we operate as a company. That includes everything from how we hold meetings (such as our patent-pending “15 minute burn”) to our typical phone greeting (“Marshall Cre-ATE-ive!”).

And that attitude also extends to … CONTINUE READING /

Context is Everything

When you adopt a series of stock photos as your tongue-in-cheek stock-in-trade, you have to get used to other people using them for their intended, yet boring, purpose.

So while we were surprised to see our very own ad shipped to us on the label of this “premium compatible toner” box, … CONTINUE READING /

Ever hear of Target Fixation?

A few years ago, I finally got around to getting my motorcycle license. I don’t own a motorcycle, but I always wanted to know how to ride one. During the class, the instructor referred to the idea of “target fixation” a number of times. It’s where a motorcycle or bike goes … CONTINUE READING /

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.”

- Richard BransonCONTINUE READING /

On the topic of Cleaning out Emails

This is a screenshot of my email inbox right now — nothing new, nothing old. Just blank. Calm. Collected. This is my constant goal — an empty email inbox with every email saved, answered or deleted. Or, as is more often the case, delegated. A couple of years ago it dawned … CONTINUE READING /

Landing Planes

My friend Tom introduced me to a fun game on the iPhone called Flight Control, and it’s become oddly relevant to what we’re doing here at Marshall Creative — and it’s mainly thanks to web project manager Nick Keenan’s workflow analogies. When you play Flight Control, you’re an air traffic … CONTINUE READING /

This particular post indicates that we just launched our company blog

Welcome to the Marshall Creative blog — we’re a Chicago-based multimedia company, and we do most of our work in the real estate and financial spheres. We’re not really sort-of form this site will take, but we do know that it’s mostly blue and that, so far, it features a blend … CONTINUE READING /