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When You Have a Story to Tell

When people look at what we do as a company, I get this sense that we don’t fit into the box of what they expect. I get a lot of questions: “So do you build websites? What kind of industries do you specialize in? I need SEO help, is that something … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: The Mona Lisa (Rebranding & Design)

The Problem: Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece portrait was experiencing an itch to try something new. The painting was aware that in the digital age, stagnancy is a precursor to obsolescence, and decided that after over 500 years it was worth considering a reinvention that better caught the eye of the modern … CONTINUE READING /

The Story Circle and You.

When you sit down to talk with the team from Marshall Creative, one of the concepts we’re going to introduce to you is the use of the story circle as a tool to inform your brand and your business model. At first, you might think this is a little weird. You … CONTINUE READING /

The Power of Performers

I tell people that we’re an agency powered by theatre and comedy pros. It raises eyebrows at first. But it’s not long before they realize that many of the people they know in marketing also have a performing arts background.

Performing arts teaches you how to listen, engage, and … CONTINUE READING /

Storytelling and Your Brand.


You don’t need a big brand or deep pockets to weave a compelling cross-media narrative about your business.

Storytelling is the oldest and most successful method of effectively communicating ideas and emotion while establishing a connection with your audience.

Marshall Creative and the Chicagoland Chamber … CONTINUE READING /

Time Zones.

Welcome to a brand new year!

If “2013″ looks more like a hotel room than a calendar year to you, consider this: It’s the first time since 1987 that the year has not included at least two identical numbers. Let that blow your mind for a bit, and then further consider … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: Elves (Messaging and Branding)

It would have been quite a portfolio builder, to be sure. Marshall Creative has done work for many different types of businesses and arts organizations but we’ve never helped manage branding for an entire race of mythical beings. When the opportunity arose to help renew the brand of the Elves, we … CONTINUE READING /

Case Study Outtakes: Society of Personalized Allocated Messages (Newsletters and E-Blasts)

Although we consider ourselves a generally optimistic group of people, willing to look for the most positive aspects of any business brand or strategy, sometimes we have to admit that there are lost causes.

That’s what happened when we took a Skype meeting with a representative from the Society of Personalized CONTINUE READING /

The LOL Report.

Starting this Friday, we’ve decided to start taking our stockbits into their next logical format: Facebook Timeline Cover Photos.

(This is, in fact, the next logical step. If you brought this situation to an MIT math professor who used to be a janitor from south Boston, he would tell you that … CONTINUE READING /

Great Scott!

Since Father’s Day is this weekend, we charged up the ol’ iStock search engine to see what happened when you looked for the search phrase “office dad.”

And then we turned that Office Dad photo into a vehicle for our usual brand of science-fiction geekery. If you weren’t expecting that, you … CONTINUE READING /