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Why Cowboys and Aliens is sure to be awesome

Full disclosure: I haven’t yet seen “Cowboys and Aliens,” but I intend to this weekend. I’m a huge fan of big Hollywood movies that cost over $100 million (my brother John has a great opinion on this — if Hollywood is going to dump $100 million on the big screen, let’s … CONTINUE READING /

What’s a signature worth?

I’m somewhat fascinated with the idea of autographs, and why people will pay a lot of money to get a famous person to sign something like a photo, baseball or napkin. I guess it’s a cool piece of memorabilia, completing a “thing” that one would collect — and maybe daytime proof … CONTINUE READING /

Happy Wednesday / Visitors


Deep Space Account Managers

Far be it from me to turn the MC website into a blog about space and sci-fi, but 2010 is the Year We Make Contact and Avatar just won the Silver Medal for biggest movie of all time in the world, ever (right behind Titanic, of course). According to The EconomistCONTINUE READING /

Greetings from Earth

I’ve been on a kick recently to see if there’s a uniform greeting that the people of Earth have really created and disseminated to all parts of the galaxy. Luckily, there is. After lots of searching for things like “Hello from Earth” and “Greetings Aliens” and finding an endless stream of … CONTINUE READING /