There isn’t a horn in the office. We should get one. That way, we’d have our own to toot when the situation called for it.

This would be one of those situations.

Below is a screenshot of Chicago Condo Group‘s brand-new website, built by Marshall Creative and launched into the CONTINUE READING /

NASA Pic of the Day

Happy Friday. And if your day isn’t happy yet, check out the photo of the day from NASA. We know, we know. More space. But we can’t help it – and I dare you to not think space is cool.

The truth is, space is cool. Enjoy!… CONTINUE READING /

Wheat, Drinks and Cookies

According to Klout.com, we here at Marshall Creative have achieved Syndicator status on Twitter and more importantly, we have become influential in the areas of wheat, drinks and cookies. Sorry if this sounds like bragging.


Bringing People Together

One of our most unique ongoing projects is a blog covering all things wine for Strongbox Wine Cellar. Our intrepid researcher and writer, Bilal Dardai, scours the web several times a week to come up with tidbits, facts and tips for oenophiles (and oenophilo-philes) the world over.


Now Online / SandyMarshall.com

Have you ever heard the saying that the shoemaker’s children don’t ever get new shoes? Well in honor of Sandy’s part in the new movie The Dilemma – which opens this Friday – we thought it was time that he got the Marshall Creative treatment.

The site features a sweet ski-themed … CONTINUE READING /

Now Online / BlackBoxActing.com

In just a few years of operation, Black Box Acting Studio has become one of the most respected and unconventional actor training programs in Chicago. And while they have a serious point of view about how to draw out gut-wrenching truth and honesty in performance, their old site didn’t allow them … CONTINUE READING /

StraubHomes.com named “Best Individual Website”

Congrats to Akos Straub and our friends at The Straub Group for winning “Best Individual Website” at the 2010 Agents’ Choice Awards! Akos and company were present among the best and brightest in the Chicago real estate industry, where 15 other categories were announced. Being the company that created the site, … CONTINUE READING /

I wonder if real estate awards shows have live orchestras that play after the winning speeches

Congratulations to our friends at The Straub Group for being nominated for Best Individual Real Estate Website in the City by Chicago Agent Magazine. We’re proud to have delivered the site, and we can confirm a few things about Akos and the Straub Group: 1.) They are a ton of … CONTINUE READING /

Now Online / Know Your Chicago Neighborbood.com

Jim Miller is a real estate agent at Jameson Real Estate, and he just launched Know Your Chicago Neighborhood.com featuring a ton of content. Check it out. I’ve known Jim and have worked with him on a number of marketing endeavors over the past few years, and can say without question … CONTINUE READING /

Now Online! Brian d’Arcy James.com

If you know anything about Broadway, you know that Brian d’Arcy James is one of the pre-eminent performers and singers in the nation. He’s been nominated for Tonys, he’s appeared in a slew of films, and also happens to be one of the most talented folks around. After a successful run … CONTINUE READING /