We Also Make Music Videos

Thanks to the incomparable talents of Steve Delahoyde, Greg Hess, Holly Laurent, and of course songwriter Waki Gámez.… CONTINUE READING /

Ed Bus is in the House

Hey hey! Schadenfreude’s very own Ed Bus and Jason Challenger (along with some noticeable Chicago media icons) star in the second in a series documenting the fictional Alderman’s run for Mayor. Filmed in our very own conference room. That’s right — our conference room is full of good ideas…both real and … CONTINUE READING /

Wine Storage / new video

Our friends at the Strongbox Wine Cellar recently hired us to create and produce an industrial video about their locations, services and — you guessed it — methods of storing wine. We also created a blog for them, where you can learn all about everything involving wine. Seriously. Since it’s inception … CONTINUE READING /

H.E.R.O. Fitness / new video

Congrats to our friends James Bach and Jenn Hogg, co-owners at H.E.R.O. Fitness.  H.E.R.O. is nearing its 1-year anniversary of being in business, and they hired us to produce this short film about their facility, trainers and clients.  They have an awesome space on Armitage and Elston.  Definitely check it … CONTINUE READING /

Danderson / Vlamis, Part 7

This version of the Danderson / Vlamis series features Amanda Blake Davis, the very talented Second City alum portraying a processor working on a file for Dean.  These videos are the ultimate agency answer to long meetings and planning sessions: we get an idea for something and basically just starting shooting … CONTINUE READING /

Danderson / Vlamis, Part 6

Last week we shot yet another Dean video, this time centering around the fact that Dean hired a consultant (played by MC friend Niki Lindgren).  We shoot these in PERL Mortgage’s main office on Belmont, but now we’re thinking of doing a few in other locations and the big debate is … CONTINUE READING /

This office is getting a little too nuts, you guys


Danderson / Vlamis, Part 5

Here’s the 5th installment of the fun short films I do with Dean Vlamis at PERL Mortgage.  We started these a couple of years ago, and the process usually goes like this: we get an idea for a movie, we talk for six months about the script, and then we finally … CONTINUE READING /

Projects: Walter E. Smithe / Jesse White Tumblers

Tim Smithe of the Walter E. Smithe Brothers had a really fun idea to include Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White in one of the Smithe’s famed local TV furniture commercials, so he met with Secretary White and make it happen. I helped write the script. Here’s the spot!… CONTINUE READING /

Dean Vlamis videos featured in Mortgage Originator

One of the nation’s main magazines for the mortgage industry, Mortgage Originator, recently mentioned the fun videos we do with Dean Vlamis of PERL Mortgage. As you might know, these videos are directed by Chicago short film guru Steve Delahoyde. We started these a few years ago just for fun … CONTINUE READING /