Toil and Trouble.

And with the money he made doing that, he produced his own soap opera. Thank you, we’ll be here all week.… CONTINUE READING /


Interestingly enough, this is also how most big-budget Hollywood movies begin.… CONTINUE READING /

Business in the Front…

Now you know what happened to Lorenzo Lamas after Renegade ended.… CONTINUE READING /

Over The Top.

All business is a gamble, but remember to keep your perspective.… CONTINUE READING /


In a struggling economy, every business makes tough choices.… CONTINUE READING /

Temps by Skynet.

But before they rise up and destroy us all, you should see how efficient they are with the filing and data entry.… CONTINUE READING /

Aids Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Scientists have recently shown that sitting at your desk too long each day leads to premature death. Of course, if you’re the sort of person who has hated your job for decades you might welcome that. Wow, this is a dark stock photo bit. Happy Monday!… CONTINUE READING /

But Is It 4G?

A reminder that sometimes it’s okay if your phone isn’t smarter than you.

And that reminder is called a double feature viewing of The Terminator and The Matrix.CONTINUE READING /

Storytelling and Your Brand.


You don’t need a big brand or deep pockets to weave a compelling cross-media narrative about your business.

Storytelling is the oldest and most successful method of effectively communicating ideas and emotion while establishing a connection with your audience.

Marshall Creative and the Chicagoland Chamber … CONTINUE READING /

Time Zones.

Welcome to a brand new year!

If “2013″ looks more like a hotel room than a calendar year to you, consider this: It’s the first time since 1987 that the year has not included at least two identical numbers. Let that blow your mind for a bit, and then further consider … CONTINUE READING /