GroundPlan CMS The Neo-Futurists

The Neo-Futurists are an internationally known troupe of writers, comedians, and performance artists whose principles of creating live performance involve a constant stream of brand-new work and an aesthetic that relies on chance and unpredictability. They were looking for a website that reflected their unique brand of prolific and honest theatre and values in a new and dynamic way, but which also gave them the freedom to make changes on the fly.

GroundPlan is, first and foremost, a content management system…and The Neo-Futurists have both a 25 year-old backlog of content in multiple media formats and new content being generated daily. We used our system to give the company the ability to show off a large amount of this content at once, including their current work, their artists, and their past productions. This solution gives their legions of die-hard fans something new and surprising to explore while making sure that curious first-timers can easily find the information they need to attend one of the live performances. Finally, the design helped define the company as a Chicago touchstone, by using as the central image a map of the city done in the clean, DIY style that characterizes many Neo-Futurist productions.

See the website.

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