4-Day Website The Apostal Group

Niko and Edie Apostal had put together two prime assets: A collaborative team of superstar agents with complementary skills; and a wealth of connections through Chicago's civic and business leadership. The problem was that their website didn't reflect the personal approach they were known for - Niko was doing a great job of engaging clients through Facebook, but not connecting that traffic into knowledge of his team's capabilities.

Armed with new creative photography of his team and other content, we interviewed the Apostal Group team to understand what made them tick as both individuals and as a business. Struck by the value of the friendly, unpretentious “family” culture they had refined, we coached them to highlight their human assets to distinguish them from the often impersonal Chicago Real Estate market. We identified their most profitable revenue drivers — professionals; parents looking to relocate to Chicago; newly-liberated empty-nesters looking to have a base in the city; and small networks of developments — and helped build better modes of connecting to them. Keeping the team front and center as part of the site navigation, including posts on the company blog and on Facebook, gives prospective clients an insight into the Apostal Group’s warm and inviting personality. Our content coaching gave insight into presenting ideas from the perspective of customer need, rather than the perspective of the Apostal Group’s financial statements: “Buy a home” translates to “Relocate to Chicago” and “Find a community that fits your lifestyle.”

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